You can do online money transfer in post office in minutes, here’s the procedure


Instant fund transfer in post office is also a special facility available in the post office. This service is known as Instant Money Order. In this, you can send amount ranging from 1000 rupees to 50 thousand rupees to anyone anywhere in the country in minutes. According to the website of India Post, for this the customer has to pay a fixed charge. In this, money transfer is done through the Post Office. Under this, sending and receiving money is very easy.

IMO transfers from post office iMO transfers from post office

In this, money is transferred from IMO (iMO) post office. This service is not available in every post office. There are currently 24 IMO post offices in 11 cities across the country. It is a web based instant money transfer service. The money goes to another person the very next minute.

This rule is about money, this rule is about money

In this, an amount up to Rs 19999 can be given in the form of cash or it can be credited to the person’s savings account in the same IMO post office. But if you have to pay 20 thousand rupees or more, then it has to be done through check.

How money is transferred in this way

You have to fill a To Remit Payment form at the counter by going to the IMO (iMO) post office. The amount of money to be transferred is to be given over the counter. On this, the post office employee gives a printed receipt to the customer. This receipt is actually a computer generated Confidential 16 digit IMO (iMO) number.

Now, the person who has to transfer money has to tell the IMO number with 16 digits by phone, SMS, email or other means. The person receiving the money can get the money by giving that 16 digits information in any IMO (iMO) post office. Yes, he has to fill a form for this and also has to provide photo identity card.


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