WHO changed Guidelines regarding Wearing of Children Masks, Know Who needs to Wear

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated the guidelines for children to wear masks as corona virus cases are increasing worldwide. The WHO has suggested that children under five should not wear masks. This decision was made keeping in mind the ability to wear masks.

The global health body also considered other factors such as child safety and their overall health. The WHO has listed several criteria for children under six to 11 years of age in its Corona Virus page. The WHO states that only children in the area should wear masks where Covid-19 is widespread.

The organization pointed out that aspects such as children’s ability to wear masks, adult supervision and the potential impact of learning should also be taken into account in these cases. WHO suggests that children over 12 years of age should wear masks regardless of the prevalence of the virus where the child lives and follow the same guidelines as adults.

global body has recommended that children with cancer and cystic fibrosis should wear medical masks to provide better protection. The institution also said that wearing masks is not mandatory for children with developmental difficulties and such cases should be assessed by parents, carers and medical personnel.

There are over 23 million cases of Covid-19 worldwide. The highest number of cases are in the US, India and Brazil. At the same time some countries like Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, New Zealand and Vietnam were applauded for their efforts to handle the epidemic. But now cases are increasing here.

Talking about India, according to the data updated on Sunday morning, the number of dead has increased to 56,706 due to the death of 912 people in the last 24 hours. Cases of infection have increased to 30,44,940 in the country, of which 7,07,668 people are undergoing treatment and 22,80,566 people have recovered from the disease after treatment. Foreign citizens are also involved in total cases of infection.


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