UPI Users: Big Alert! Now Make Google Pay and PhonePe payments without internet, know step-by-step process



New Delhi – UPI based payment services like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm and Chatal have grown rapidly. All types of work are being done through online payment. However, internet is required for UPI based payment service. But on many occasions the internet does not work. Or if you are in an area where internet service is not available, then it becomes difficult for you to make online payment. But there is a trick with the help of which UPI based payment service can be used without internet.

How to make payment without internet

  1. To make payment without internet, users will first have to make calling by typing *99# in their phone.
  2. After this, you will see many options like Balance Check, Profile, and Select Money on the screen. Out of this, users have to select the first option “Select Money”. For this, users have to type 1 option and press the send button.
  3. Then enter the mobile number linked to the UPI account and tap on the send option. On the other hand, if you select the Bank Account option, you will have to enter the beneficiary account name and IFSC code. Along with this, there will also be an option to enter the UPI ID. Then enter the amount of money to be transferred.
  4. Users will be given the option to transfer money as well as add a mark to remember the payment.
  5. After this, the final payment will have to be made by entering the UPI PIN. In this way users will be able to make online payment without internet.

Note – For UPI payment without internet, first it is necessary that your number should be registered with UPI and the same number should be linked with your bank account. From the same number you can use *99# service. Also keep in mind that you will be charged Rs 0.50 for such payment.






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