UPI PIN is not a Guarantee of Security, Keep These Things in Mind While Using


Nowadays everyone seems to have resorted to digital payment for big and small tasks. It is expected to grow 4 times already due to Corona. People believe in making UPI PIN supported payments for different apps (Netments), and NetBanking (Net Banking). But with the increase of digital payments in this way, the risk of cyber hacking also increases. There are reports that how hackers empty people’s accounts sitting at home. Now the question arises how much is this safe. If we talk about UPI PIN then people trust it, but can it be trusted by closing the eyes. Our jawab is no, but yes, using it with caution will give you convenience and also keep it safe.

That is why today we will tell you what things should be kept in mind while using UPI PIN so that your money can be safe-

  • Users should keep their UPI PIN as it can cause fraud. If a link has been given for inserting UPI PIN in any website or form, then avoid it, in addition use Secure and Trusted App only for transaction (ONLINE TRANSACTION). For caution, use UPI PIN only on a secure application like BHIM UPI.
  • Never make the mistake of sharing OTP – Never, ever, the bank asks you to share OTP, in such a way, if anyone ever asks you to become an executive of the bank or do OTP share (do not share otp) for any purpose. If it is, refuse it immediately and also report that number. If the bank sends you such instructive mail and messages from time to time, please follow them.
  • Never, if you are asking for Hajag jagal for payment from your bank account, then never give it, but if someone is asking to send money, then give it because in this case you have to come to the money while the fraudster is from your account They make money.


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