PM Modi richer than last year; Here’s his bank balance, FD amount, other details

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PM Modi’s net worth has seen an increase this year as compared to last year, according to the latest data on PM’s website. Prime Minister Modi’s net worth has jumped to 3,07,68,885 (3.07 crore) as per his latest declaration from 2.85 crore last year. His net worth has increased by 22 lakh in the last one year.

PM Modi’s bank balance

The 71-year-old prime minister has a bank balance of 1,52,480 and 36,900 of cash as of March 31. His rise in wealth is due to his fixed deposits in a Gandhinagar branch of the State Bank of India. His SBI Gandhinagar NSC branch’s fixed deposits (FD) amount to 1.83 crore as of March 31 this year as against 1.6 crore last year.

PM Modi investments in bonds/shares/mutual funds, other amount

PM Modi’s wealth has no stock market exposure neither mutual funds. Instead, he has invested in National Savings Certificate ( 8,93,251), life insurance policies ( 1,50,957), and L&T infrastructure bonds, which he bought in 2012 for 20,000.

PM Modi has no loans and a car

The prime minister has taken no loans and has no liability. He has no personal vehicle against his name.

PM Modi’s Investment in gold and property

He has four gold rings worth 1,48, 331.  He has one residential property of 1.1 crore, which is joint property and he has only a 25% share in it. He bought the property on October 25, 2002, barely two months before he became chief minister of Gujarat. At that time, the cost of the 3,531 sq ft plot was a little over 1.3 lakh. Modi has not bought any new property since he began serving as prime minister of India in 2014.
Source: livemint


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