Old Rs 500 Note Can Get You Rs 10,000. Here’s How

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The demonetization announced on November 8, 2016, had put an end on the acceptance of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes as a legal currency. These notes became useless after that time. However, if you have Rs 500 notes with certain features, then it can fetch a good amount of money online.

The notes have become antique and rare now after over four years of demonetization. The Rs 500 notes carrying printing mistakes are now being sold at prices up to Rs 10,000.

RBI prints the notes carefully which ensures that the notes will have a fixed pattern and other details in a proper format. The notes become special if they carry some mistake made by RBI during printing and released. RBI had made a big mistake while printing few notes of Rs 500 and now people are ready to spend thousands to buy it even after demonetization.

In few notes of Rs 500, RBI printed the serial number twice. Now, this mistake made by RBI can fetch you Rs 5,000 if you have Rs 500 notes with serial numbers printed twice.

Apart from the printing mistake, another mistake made by RBI will get you Rs 10,000. In few notes of Rs 500, RBI had left an extra paper on the edge. If you have such a note, which has extra paper on its side, then it can be sold online for Rs 10,000.

It can turn out to be a Rble deal for you, in case you have Rs 500 notes with the mentioned mistakes. You can sell these notes on oldindiancoins.com.

You can sell the notes in the following steps.

Step 1: Visit oldindiancoins.com

Step 2: On the homepage, click on the registration tab and get yourself registered as a seller.

Step 3: Click a clear picture of your note and upload it on the platform. The platform will feature your advertisement for selling the note.

Step 4: You will be contacted by people who will be interested in purchasing the notes after seeing your ad. Talk to them and sell the notes.






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