Ministry of External Affairs: L-1 Visa Application Gets Costlier by 75% & H1-B Visa by 21%

News Update

Basic application fees for H1-B Visa will now increase by 21 percent from $ 460 to $ 555. Basic fees of L-1 Visa will also increase 75 percent to $ 805. L-1 Visa is used in intra-company transfer of an employee. This application fee for both types of visas will be applicable from October this year. Since the cost of the visa is borne by the employer, now sending these companies abroad to any of their employees will be costlier than before.

Recent data shows that up to 30 September 2019 of the last financial year, about 3.88 lakh H1-B Visa have been released. Out of this, 2.78 lakh visa was issued to 72 per cent Indian people only. It also includes statistics on visa extensions. On one hand, the highest number of Indian people apply for H1-B Visa. At the same time, US-based companies also employ a significant number of H1-B Visa workers. At the moment, L-1 Visa figures have not been released.

Currently, the US Immigration Agency, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), is seeking $ 1.2 billion in emergency funding from the US government. This agency has postponed plans to retrench 13,000 people in its workforce by the end of August. Typically, a large part of this agency’s funding comes from fees applied for visas.

Payment on visa extension also increased

Currently, companies that have more than 50 employees and 50 percent or more of their employees have been issued H1-B Visa or L-1B Visa, to such companies, $ 4,000 per H1-B Visa and per L-1B. Visa has to pay $ 4,500. Now to get the visa renewed, to extend its duration, payment will also have to be made. The US agency will earn an additional $ 200 million from it.

The prices of these services also increased

The spouse of the H1-B Visa visa holder will now have to pay $ 550 for a work permit. This fee has been increased by 34 percent. The fee for applying for citizenship has increased from $ 640 to $ 1,170. Thus, it has been increased by 83 percent. Fees have also been increased for other types of services including biometric.


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