Latest Reliance JioFiber broadband plans for small businesses: Check Details


JioBusiness started offering new Fiber broadband plans for small and medium businesses. The new plans offer multiple combined benefits with the plans. The company also plans to offer devices to businesses to get the network up and running.

The company aims to provide integrated digital services offering and the know-how to adopt enterprise offerings. The offerings include integrated enterprise-grade voice and data services, Digital Solutions and Devices, to small businesses.

During the launch, the company claimed that currently, a micro and small business spends between 15,000 to 20,000 per month towards connectivity, productivity and automation tools. Reliance Jio plans to provide all these offerings for less than 1/10th of the cost. The prices of the plans for businesses start from as low as 1,000 per month.

The lowest plan is priced at 901. The plan offers unlimited fiber broadband with a speed of 100mbps. The plan also offers unlimited voice calls for a single line. The user will also get fixed-mobile convergence in order to receive and make calls outside the office as well.

The second plan comes with all digital solutions integrated. It includes four lines for unlimited voice calling, Static IP. Additionally, it provides digital solutions such as Mircosoft 365 with Office Apps, Outlook Email, One Drive as well as Teams. The subscriber will also get Jio Attendance tool to manage the attendance of employees with 20 licenses. The plan also supports video conferencing with JioMeet as well as Microsoft Teams.




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