IPL 2021: Latest rules announced for the 14th season of IPL



The BCCI has laid down new set of rules ahead of the next IPL season to minimize errors in the game. The 2021 season of the biggest cricketing league in the world is set to kick off from April 9.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is bringing in some rule changes for the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). The soft signal will no longer come into play, and the third umpire will make the final decision based on his discretion, with the help of technology.

The long-debated Umpire’s Call rule to here to stay. The short-run rule has also been altered. Now, the third umpire will have the right to overturn the original decision given by the on-field umpire regarding a short run.

1. Match duration

The BCCI has stipulated the 20-over innings duration to 90 minutes (total duration of 180 minutes), provided there is no interruption like rain delays. It is divided as 85 minutes of match time and five minutes for timeouts. In the case of any delays, four minutes and 15 seconds will be reduced for each over lost from the total time. The minimum over-rate should be achieved in an hour has also been stipulated as 14.1 overs without considering the time taken for timeouts.

2. No soft signal

The soft-signal by the on-field umpire has created a lot of confusion and debate in the last few weeks. For the IPL 2021, the BCCI has done away with the soft-signal. The onfield umpire can still give a soft-signal if a decision is being referred but the it will have no bearing on the decision taken by the third umpire. “Should both on-field umpires require assistance from the third umpire to make a decision, the bowler’s end umpire shall firstly take a decision on-field after consulting with the striker’s end umpire, before consulting by two-way radio with the third umpire,” the BCCI said.

3. Short run call

In the IPL 2021, the third umpire will have the power to overrule onfield umpire’s decision to cut a run from the batting team’s total for batsmen not being able to cross the crease line while taking a run. There was a huge controversy in the IPL 2020 held in the UAE during the match between Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings as a wrong call by the square leg umpire to dock a run proved costly for the Punjab side.

4. No-ball call

As per the updated guidelines, the third umpire can overrule the no-ball decision given by the umpire on field.

5. Super-over

According to the new rules, subsequent super-overs can be played till an hour’s time from the actual designated finish time in case of tied games.

With the new changes in play, IPL 2021 is expected to be even more engaging and entertaining.








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