If Money is Withdrawn through Your Debit-Credit Card Unknowingly, then Complain, You will get Money Back


In the Coronavirus Crisis, Cashless Transaction is growing rapidly in the country. The practice of credit cards and debit cards has also increased in transactions. In this case, the cases of fraud are also increasing in them. Criminals can empty your bank account through fraud with debit or credit card. If something like this has happened to you too, then know what to do and where to complain.

If you also suspect any transaction from your debit and credit card that you have not done, then complain to your bank without delay. Every bank has issued different numbers for this, on which you can block your card by calling and complaining about this transaction.

How to make a complaint- You should have this information to complain of fraud with credit card or debit card. Take the last six months bank statement from the concerned bank. Make a copy of the SMS you received related to the suspicious transaction. Keep a copy of your bank passbook. According to the bank’s record, keep a copy of ID proof and address proof. Go to your nearest police station with these documents and lodge the official complaint by giving information and description of the whole incident there.

How to know if the phone received from the bank is real or fraud? In this, fraudulent money can be withdrawn from the customer’s account via Internet banking. Never answer such a phone call. If someone is asking for this information from you, then understand that it is a fraud call.

What to do in the event of fraud through the app – Some fake apps are also available to cheat. If a financial fraud has occurred with you through an app, then you take a screenshot of that fraudulent app with these documents. With this, keep the information and screenshots of the place from which you have downloaded it and give it to the police, which will help them.

Apart from this, to avoid fraud with credit or debit cards, one-time password (OTP), credit / debit card number, CVV number of the card, expiry date, secure password and ATM PIN are ever asked on phone, SMS or email. Do not give information.


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