How to Report Abusive and Harassing Tweets on Twitter

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Twitter perhaps coined the name microblogging, but the platform is not just any random social media website where people post their photos, videos or place stories, etc. The platform over the years has become a place where people come and express their political views, address social issues, express their feelings and more. At times, you come across some tweets that are inappropriate or abusive. Well, some people get extra emotional and cross the boundaries by adding some offensive words and end up hurting the sentiments of the people.

Thanks to the reporting tool that Twitter offers to its users, one can report a particular tweet or the entire account. So, if you have come across any such tweet and want to report it, follow our step-by-step guide.

To do this, all you need is a Twitter account and a tweet that you want to report.

Steps to report an abusive tweet

1. Open Twitter on your smartphone or browser and navigate to the Tweet you want to report

2. Click or tap on the down arrow from the right side of tweet and choose Report option

3. Then select ‘It’s abusive or harmful

After this, Twitter will ask some more information about the tweet and the issue you are trying to report. Additionally, Twitter may ask to point some more tweets from the account to get a better idea to evaluate the reported tweet.

After reporting the tweet, you will receive follow-up emails with the tweet text along with the investigation reports. You also have the option to opt-out by unchecking the box placed beside the Updates about this report can show these Tweets.

Do note that after successfully submitting the report, Twitter will show some recommendations to improve the Twitter experience. Additionally, you can also block some keywords on Twitter to stop seeing such tweets in future.


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