How to Organise Torrent of Messages, Emails without Getting Overwhelmed


Working from home may seem more relaxing against rushing in and out of meetings with clients and teams. True that individuals are saving commute time but working from home is not without its own set of issues.

One such issue is information deluge. Besides, the various news updates on the covid-19 situation in India and abroad, all those working from home are bombarded with tonnes of work, emails from team and clients. Platforms like WhatsApp are loaded with messages from various groups and may not be related to work.

Here are a few tricks to minimise the time wasted on browsing through irrelevant emails and messages.

How to make important emails stand out

Most of the leading email clients offer tools to ensure important emails just stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you use Gmail for work, the platform has various tools that can minimise time spent on unnecessary emails.

One of them is labelling, which allows users to create their own custom labels. It is basically a folder with specific names assigned by user. So if a user wants to see all new and old emails from a particular client or team member, they can create label with their name and all emails from them will automatically get added there. This makes accessing important emails quicker. One can also assign colour to each label so they remain highlighted in the inbox.

One can assign labels to messages in inbox or by dragging and dropping messages onto specific labels, similar to how you move a file to a folder. A similar feature is available in Microsoft Outlook too with drag and drop option to get it started.

Responding to each and every work email can be tiring. That is where the AI based auto reply tools can come in handy. Gmail’s smart reply allows users to give quick replies without having to type long sentences. It works by suggesting a bunch of automated and contextual replies specific to a particular email. Outlook can also suggest three responses that can be used in email with a couple of clicks.

How to manage WhatsApp work groups

The ease of using WhatsApp has made it the go-to platform for many professionals who just need to communicate on a timely basis and share a few links, documents or photos without needing too many collaboration centric features. However, using the same app for both personal and work communication and then navigating through multiple groups and comments can be frustrating. Not to forget that it is also causes distractions as one may end up checking out a few messages from a random friend group as it was showing right below the work group. That is where many phone makers like Xiaomi and provide the option to have dual versions of the same app. By creating a second version of WhatsApp and reallocating all work groups to it can help user focus better and find work groups quickly too.

How to curb time wasted on social media platforms

Social media is no longer limited to personal activities and is being widely used by professionals for multiple activities ranging from promotion to communication. Users can get a sense of how much time they have been spending on any social media platform using in-built tools in smartphones like Digital Wellbeing on Android and Screen Time on iOS. Similarly, many social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, offer activity tracker or activity loggers where users can view what exactly they have been doing on these platforms and then cut down the time spent on unnecessary activities.


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