High-Protein Diet: 5 Healthy Egg Snacks That Never Fail To Impress (Recipe Inside)


When it comes to increasing our protein intake, we almost always look towards eggs with a sort of unmatched assurance. One of the budget-friendly ingredients, eggs can be eaten in a variety of ways – either for a brilliant breakfast, or a quick lunch or even as yummy snacks in the evening. They can be poached, fried, hard-boiled, whisked into an omelette and more. And the best part is, you can serve eggs with almost everything – and somehow, they always work.
Here we bring you a list of our favoutite egg-based snacks that never fail to impress. Besides, you have these egg snacks anytime of the day. Take a look at the recipes.

5 Egg-Based Snacks That Are Both Healthy And Tasty:

1.Tandoori Egg:

Also known as egg tikka, this dish is a haven of aromatic Indian spices. Hard-boiled eggs are marinated in the spices and then baked to perfection. Usually served with green chutneys and onion slices, this dish can be served with pulao as well as chapatis.

2.Egg Kebab:

As part of the Mediterranean food fare, eggs are roasted or grilled to prepare the most delicious kebabs. The ingredients include gram flour for coating and some spices for flavours. It tastes the best when served with tangy green or red chutneys.

3.Egg Crescents:

Egg crescent is an open sandwich with a delicious egg filling that melts in our mouth in no time. One of the finest snacks prepared with eggs, it also includes lettuce leaves that are high in antioxidants and vitamins A and K. And if you want to make it healthier, we suggest avoid including fat-rich mayonnaise in the recipe.

4.Egg Chaat:

As the name suggests, it is a flavourful dish that includes the goodness of eggs in it. It is easy to make and can be a quick fix for those weird time hunger pangs. All you need to do is 20 mins and a few basic ingredients to prepare this dish.

5. Baked Eggs:

One of the easiest recipes to cook, it saves you the hassle of peeling off that stubborn shell. Besides, this recipe is so simple and foolproof that the eggs seriously come out perfect every single time.


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