Here’s How to turn the YouTube video to Animated GIF

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Animated GIFs combine the images into a file and plays in the loops and transmits the quick bursts of brand-related content. They are easily sharable and with their new dimension connect with the audiences to the social media marketing. The animated gifs seem to be tough to make and only created by technologically savvy people, but the fact is they are much easier than you would think, and especially after YouTube has rolled out its own on-the-fly GIF creator.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to roll out your own Animated GIF

1. Click on a Youtube video, you wish to turn into a GIF.

2. Place the GIF along the “YouTube” part of the URL on the top of your browser and click on Enter. It will show up the, it will display the clip you have selected. You can make a GIF out of the video you selected.

3. Select the start and stop times for the GIF. It also lets you title your GIF and once you are done with the steps, click on the Create GIF video.

4. The GIF Maker will show up a preview of the GIF you made. Proceed to the new URL and share it on the sites you wish for, when you are satisfied with the output. But if you wanted to make further adjustments, click on the Go Back button and make the adjustments.

5. Go to same URL and you would be able to select the full YouTube clip, from which the GIF was created. Make the GIF using the same video or you can get back to homepage.

YouTube has rolled out the personal GIF creator, but since it’s not available on all the videos, it may not be possible on all videos. You can notice if the option is available on a video, when you click on the Share option.

1.Open the Share in the description box. You can notice a GIF option beside the Email, if the video you want has the ability to make a GIF. Click on it and select the place you want to start the GIF.

2.  Click on the create GIF, plug in top or the bottom text. Now, you’ll be displayed the final GIF as well as a direct link and embed link.


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