Delhi Metro Prepares to Operate after Lockdown, No Entry without Face Mask and Arogya Setu App

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After the end of the lockdown implemented to reduce the havoc of the Coronavirus in the country, the Delhi Metro has completed preparations to revamp its operations. The Delhi Metro, which takes millions of travelers to their destinations every day, is cautious about its operation after the end of the lockdown. Keeping in mind the health of the passengers and the metro workers, the passengers will have to follow the changed rules and laws while traveling in the metro.

No entry without face mask and Arogya Setu app

As per the proposal introduced by the CISF on Thursday, passengers traveling in the metro after lockdown have to remove any metal object from their body before physical search. Apart from this, it will be mandatory for passengers to wear face masks. At the same time, the Arogya Setu application will be used as a pass.

Will not be able to travel with the full list of flu symptoms

According to the travel proposal, if a traveler sees any flu-like symptoms, he will not be allowed to travel. Explain that the CISF presented a business continuity plan on Thursday for the safety of passengers and railwaymen. All these plans have been mentioned in this plan.

More than 12 thousand CISF personnel deployed

According to CISF’s plan, more than 12 thousand personnel will be deployed at more than 160 metro stations. Passengers who will monitor every movement from entry to exit. At the same time, CISF will also provide a sanitizer to the passengers at the entrance. In thermal screening, only passengers with normal temperature will be allowed to enter the metro station. Whereas the passenger whose temperature will be higher will be returned from the gate itself.

Belt to be removed at the entry point

CISF Director General Rajesh Ranjan said that the scheme has been designed keeping in mind the health and safety of passengers, CISF personnel and DMRC employees. Before entry, all passengers will be required to take out all the belts or metal items in their bags. This bag will be tested with the help of a scanner machine. At the same time, trays will be provided for those who do not have bags.

1 meter distance between passengers In the mandatory

metro station premises, passengers must strictly follow the rule of queuing. While the line of distance from the place of security screening will be 2 meters, it will be mandatory to maintain a distance of at least 1 meter between passengers. Two CISF personnel will be wearing PPE security equipment at all metro stations.

How afraid of Metro by Corona

Around 30 lakh passengers travel daily in the Delhi Metro. The responsibility of their health and safety lies with the CISF and the Metro administration. If the protective measures are not taken to stop the corona after the lockdown, the epidemic in Delhi may again spread. People traveling there can also become Corona’s career.

Why is such a preparation necessary?

After the CISF lockdown is over, it does not want to take any kind of risk regarding corona infection. Please tell that it is the responsibility of CISF for the security of Delhi Metro. Therefore, this paramilitary force has presented a plan regarding future preparations.


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