Delhi govt asks public liquor shops to get more booze as crisis brew due to closure of private vends

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The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi has directed all state-run alcohol outlets to maintain sufficient stocks to deal with a possible shortage in the coming days as all private liquor shops are set to wind up their business by September 30, officials told PTI.

Under the New Excise Policy, around 260 privately-run liquor vends in the city will close down on September 30. Of the total around 850 liquor shops in Delhi, only those operated by Delhi government agencies will continue retail sale till November 16.

New players who have got licences through open bidding will enter the market and operate the 850 vends from November 17.

The consumers have started experiencing the shortage as their favourite liquors brands are missing owing to the winding up of business by privately-run liquor shops.

With the closure of private vends on September 30, there will no retail liquor sale in 26 of the 272 municipal wards. Also, there are no liquor vends in 80 wards.

The New Excise Policy of Delhi government seeks to ensure equitable distribution of liquor vends across the city by dividing it into 32 zones.

Each zone covering 8-10 wards will have nearly 27 liquor vends that will provide customers walk in experience and a choice of their preferred brands.


Source: livemint


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