Coronavirus: Indian Government’s MyGov App has Some Myth-Busters for You

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Not only the tech giants like Google, Apple and Facebook that are trying their best to provide users with authentic information on COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) but the government is also making efforts to deliver facts to residents. The Indian government’s MyGov app is doing its bit in fighting fake news and misinformation on coronavirus by stating some ‘myth-busters’. The link in the app navigates the user to a MyGov webpage that lists these as some of the ‘facts’ on the virus.

Coronavirus myth-busters in MyGov app

It has been mentioned that cold weather and snow cannot kill the coronavirus. It has also been mentioned that hand dryers are not effective in killing the virus. If you are one of those who think rising the nose with saline protects you from the infection, there’s no evidence for it so don’t blindly trust on this. On the other hand, it has been confirmed that coronavirus can be transmitted in areas with hot and humid climates.

For sterlisation of skin, using ultravoilet light won’t be a good idea as it can cause skin irritation. The page adds there is no evidence that eating garlic will protect you from coronavirus. And no, it cannot be transmitted through mosquito bites.

While in most commercial and public places thermal scanners are being used to keep a check on the body temperature, the web page states that although they can reveal the body thermal level, it cannot detect if you have coronavirus. Furthermore, if you are using antibiotics, it will not kill the virus.

The MyGov website adds that in case you have a pet in your home, be assured that the virus does no spread through them as there is no evidence for it yet. Also, spraying alcohol or chlorine on the human body will not kill the virus. Even taking a hot bath won’t solve the problem as the virus has already entered your body.

For now, there is no specific medicine that has been recommended by experts, locally or globally to prevent coronavirus. However, tests are being conducted. That said, the MyGov website adds that vaccines against pneumonia and Haemophilus influenzae won’t provide any protection against the coronavirus.

The Indian government has already taken steps to make users aware about COVID-19. This includes the launch of WhatsApp chatbot called MyGov Corona Helpdesk that provides basic information on the virus. Shared by NPPA-India’s (National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Authority of India) official Twitter handle, the number you need to save is – 9013151515.

It has also launched a Telegram channel called MyGov Corona NewsDesk that inlcudes everything from highlights from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech about the coronavirus outbreak to suggestions about awareness and prevention of the disease to FAQ about the virus outbreak among other things.


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