Chance to Replace Old Fans and AC! Getting more than 60% Discount Here

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BSES has started a special scheme through which people will be helped to save electricity and this will also reduce their electricity bill. BSES Discom is offering its consumers in Delhi a huge discount in energy-saving air conditioners and fan exchange offers. To take advantage of this scheme, customers have to call only one helpline number or go to DISCOM’s website.

According to the company spokesperson, BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) and BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) are promoting energy conservation by promoting safe and sustainable technologies. Let us tell you the terms and conditions of changing fen and ac ..

Under this scheme, consumers in South, West, East and Central Delhi can exchange their old ACs with new energy-efficient five-star rated ACs at a steep discount of up to 64 per cent. BRPL has also introduced fan replacement scheme, in which the consumer can replace the old wings with new wings at a discount of up to 67 percent. A similar scheme can be started for BYPL consumers of East and Central Delhi.

Under this scheme, consumers can get up to 1,000 units per year on the running cost of AC. But it depends on the model and type of AC. Each consumer can install three ACs and fans under this limited-term scheme.


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