Bharat Fibre plans starting from Rs 449/- till July, launches new AirFibre plans

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  • BSNL has reintroduced Bharat Fibre plans starting at Rs 449.
  • The telco had first rolled out these plans in October on a promotional basis.
  • BSNL has also launched AirFibre plans starting at Rs 499.

Government-owned telco Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in October last year introduced Bharat Fibre plans starting from Rs 449. It has now reintroduced those plans till July 2021. Until last week, the telco had not announced the continuation of the plan leading to the speculation that it has ended them. However, the plans have been re-introduced now. BSNL has also launched Air FIbre Plans separately.

BSNL Bharat Fibre Rs 449 broadband plan: This plan, also called the Fibre Basic plan offers 30 Mbps speed till 3.3TB speed or 3300GB FUP limit. After the FUP limit is reached, the speed is reduced to 2Mbps. Users opting for this plan will also get unlimited voice calling to any network within India.

BSNL Bharat Fibre Rs 799 broadband plan: This plan offers 100 Mbps speed till 3300GB or 3.3 TB or 3300GB data. Once the FUP limit is reached, the speed is reduced to 2 Mbps.

BSNL Premium Fibre Rs 999 broadband plan: BSNL Fibre Premium broadband plan offers 200 Mbps speed for Rs 999 till 3300GB or 3.3 TB after which the speed is reduced to 2Mbps.
This plan comes with a free membership to Disney+ Hotstar.

BSNL Ultra Fibre Rs 1499 broadband plan: This plan by BSNL offers up to 300 Mbps speed till 4TB or 4000GB is reached. After the FUP limit, the speed is reduced to 4 Mbps. This plan, too, gives unlimited calling benefits to any network within the country. This plan also comes with a free membership to DIsney+ Hotstar. These plans will be offered by BSNL in select circles with competition for a promotional period of 90 days.

According to Kerala Telecom, BSNL has launched new Air Fiber plans with speeds ranging from 30Mbps to 70Mbps. The plans start at Rs 499 and offer 30 Mbps download speed till 3300GB data. Following are the AirFibre plans by BSNL:

BSNL AirFibre Basic Plan at Rs 499: This plan is priced at Rs 499 and has a maximum download speed of 30Mbps till 3300GB is reached. It is reduced to 2Mbps after crossing 3300GB. The plans also come with true unlimited calling.

BSNL AirFibre Basic Plus Plan at Rs 699: This plan comes for a monthly recharge of Rs 699. The maximum download speed of this plan is 40Mbps till 3300GB and 4Mbps after crossing 3300G. This plan also gives unlimited calling.

BSNL AirFibre Value Plan at Rs 899: This BSNL AirFibre Value Plan is priced at Rs 899 per month. It offers a maximum download speed of 50Mbps till 3300GB and 6 Mbps after crossing 3300GB. It also offers unlimited calling at no additional cost.

BSNL AirFibre Premium Plan at Rs 1199: The premium plan which comes for Rs 1199 comes with a maximum download speed of 70Mbps till 3300GB and 10Mbps after crossing 3300GB along with voice calls. Customers can opt for static IP address in this plan for an additional charge of Rs 2000. This plan also comes with the BSNL AirFibre Premium plan.







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