3 easy ways to check the money you have paid in income tax to the Government


It is crucial to check the tax paid by you during the financial year. You can check the tax paid by you by looking at your Form 26AS. Form 26 AS is your annual tax statement. You can view it on the income tax department’s e-filing website. Form 26AS shows information related to tax deducted at source on your PAN number during the financial year, taxes paid, tax collected at source, demand and refund. It helps in reducing errors at the time of filing ITR. You can view your Form 26AS in three ways.

1) Through logging in at e-filling portal

2) Through Net Banking Account

3) Through login to TRACES portal

Here are the steps to view or download your Form 26AS under each of the three ways:

1) Through logging in at e-filling portal

Step 1: Login to e-filing portal of income tax website

Step 2: Go to ‘My Account’

Step 3: View Form 26AS (Tax Credit)

Step 4: Confirm to redirect to ‘TDS Traces CPC website’

Step 5: Click on ‘View Tax Credit Form 26AS’

Step 6: Select Assessment Year and Download Format

Step 7: Click to ‘View/ Dowenload’

2) Through Net Banking Account

Step 1: Log in to your Net banking Account

Step 2: Click on ‘Tax Credit (View Form 26AS)

Step 3: Confirm your PAN details

STEP 4: Click on ‘ View Form 26AS’

3) Through login to TRACES portal

Step 1: Login to Traces website at www.tdscpc.gov.in

Step 2: Create your login credentials and Register as a new user and Choose Taxpayer

Step 3: Login to your TRACES account using the above credentials

Step 4: Enter your login details

Step 5: Click on ‘View/Verify Tax Credit’ tab

Step 6: Click on ‘ View your Form 26AS’


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